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21 Offroad Soft Top Window Storage Bag - 2021+ Bronco

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21 Offroad Soft Top Storage Bag

Bags were the name of the game when Ford debuted the new Bronco.  Bags for doors and bags for hard top panels, but what about the soft top pieces?  You don't want to scratch the windows, and you don't want to leave them behind always.

This is the solution.  It has a place for each piece, padding to keep them safe, and hooks to lock them into.  The entire bag can be stored using the headrests in the first or second row.  Passengers can still fit with the bags stored.

  • Exceptional durability and functionality
  • Must have a 4 door factory soft top equipped vehicle

Overview / Informational Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Tomaino
Great product

Easy to use and durable. Keeps your soft top windows safe and secure. YouTube video is very informative and convinced me to purchase product.

Timothy Sizemore
Excellent Product & Idea

I love this product. It’s ingenious even coming up with it. I feel like that’s some thing that gets overlooked on every soft top. The design is perfect and they thought of everything. Clips work great and the felt is just added greatness. Great job guys! Keep it up👍🏼

Jersey Joe
Durable and easy to use

Durable and well-made. Easy to use and 21 Offroad’s YouTube video is a helpful back-up. Exactly what I was looking for to protect my windows.

Daniel Cdebaca
Just what I’ve been waiting for!!!

Greatest idea in a long time!

Watch the video!

This bag is exactly as advertised! Watch the video and you will see how well thought out it actually is. Can’t wait for Spring to come so we can use this all the time!

Broncos should have come with this as standard equipment. Thank you 21 off-road! Great job!