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21 Offroad Automatic Sunshades for Side Windows - 2021+ Bronco (4 Door)

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21 Offroad Automatic Sunshades for Side Window

Still looking for protection from the sun?  Need some peasant blockers? Have a small child that sits in the back or just want to cut out the intense sunlight at certain hours?  Look no further.

  • Easy to install (pre-applied double sided tape) and use
  • Cuts out blinding light and reflects some heat
  • Fits 4 door soft and hard top vehicles
  • Has mountable hooks for holding the sunshade (with or without the window up) or you can use the hook over the window for an "automatic" function.
  • Stows in a compact case
  • Great for small children and babies

Automatic Function

Push the hook out so that the sunshade hooks over the window.  This gives you the ability to automatically raise and lower the shade with your power windows.  Stores nice and neat at the base of the window if not in use.


Ships as a set of four.  Each is labeled L or R.  The shorter bar goes in the back windows. 

For customers living in extreme environments (cold, hot, or humid), we recommend purchasing 3M adhesive promoter to apply to the application area prior to installing these.  Use it ONLY in the area of application that will be covered by the double sided adhesive.

  • Clean surface with supplied alcohol wipe.  WAIT for alcohol to dry.
  • Install in sunny weather with relatively low humidity 75-85 degrees.
  • Press firmly and make sure the tube is making as much contact as possible with the install area.
  • Allow 2 hours in warm, sunny weather with relatively low humidity for adhesive to bond.

Optionally you can mount the manual hooks. Just make sure the mounting area is clean and located close to the window to prevent interference with the side air bags.

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