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21 Offroad Lux Comfort Center Armrest Cover with Side Storage - 2021+ Bronco

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Lux Comfort Center Arm Rest Cover with Side Storage

Sometimes you don't even realize you need a product.  Take a minute and enjoy the soft comfort of the 21 Offroad Lux center console cover, and you'll realize it is something you'll enjoy for miles to come.

Installs easily over the stock arm rest with no modification required.  Fits like a glove and adds storage slots on the sides for small items.


Move the seats around so that you can easily access the center console.  Slip the cover over the stock piece.  Note the orientation is there is a space for the latch mechanism.

Customer Reviews

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Lee Stahl
A little added comfort

The stock armrest was ok, but adding on a soft cover makes driving that little bit nicer. It fits snugly and stays in place.