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21 Offroad Simple Front Door Handle Storage Trays (Pair) - 2021+ Bronco

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21 Offroad Simple Front Door Handle Storage Trays (Pair)

Adding storage to any area can provide a lot of convenience.  These are your daily drivers or weekend warrior vehicles.  Your home away from home sometimes.

Snacks, coins, devices all take up room.  These simple trays use double sided adhesive and fully close off the bottom of the FRONT door pull handles.


Clean the application area and make sure it is free of oil, dirt, debris, etc.  You can use an alcohol wipe as well, but make sure that area is dry before installing these trays.  Pick a day that is between 70-80 degrees or get inside your vehicle and allow the inside to come to this temperature for 15 minutes.  Remove the protective backing of the double sided adhesive and press the item into place firmly.  Hold for a few seconds.

3M takes takes 24 hours to build a strong bond and 72 for a complete bond.  Do not overload the tray immediately after installation.

The trays are labeled L and R on the bottom.  These are the for the FRONT doors ONLY.


Customer Reviews

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Sandra Mace (Tampa, FL, US)
works like a charm

I got these and they work great

M Parry (Fayetteville, AR, US)
Best Mod so far! Best way to keep my phone secure!

Easy mod! Looks seamless and looks