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21 Offroad Wireless 15W Center Console Phone Charger - 2021+ Bronco Automatic Non-Base

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21 Offroad Wireless 15W Center Console Phone Charger

Key Features:
  • OE like design. 
  • 15W charging for faster results
  • Plug and play installation
  • *Fits automatic vehicles only (all trim levels MINUS base)
  • ETA next batch - 3/20/23

Here's a great wireless charging solution for the 2021+ Ford Bronco*.  It's a great replacement for those with OEM chargers that charge slowly and a great addition for those that didn't get one at all.

Installation requires some removal of the center console for wiring and mounting.  Includes everything you need for a clean installation.

NOTE:  Base models require Ford Part Number M2DZ-78044D90-DA.

Installation Video

Customer Reviews

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Steven Smith
iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn't fit / charge with case

I've tried several very slim cases and my phone will not charge with the current mat provided. The answer from support was to not use the mat but the phone slides around and I can't get a consistent charge. Unfortunate that I did all the work to install and I still have to use the charging cord. If you guys come up with a solution where you have a larger mat to fit this phone let me know