Door Jamb Sticker Cover Up Kit (Printed Series) - 2021-2023 Bronco

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Door Jamb Sticker Cover Up Kit (Printed Series) for 2021+ Bronco

Some customers requested little stickers to cover up all the OEM stickers so they wouldn't be such an eyesore when you open your doors or take them off.  We didn't want to say no, but didn't have a solution to properly protect the original stickers.

It finally struck us that we can apply an overlaminate on the originals and then another cover over that.  So if you do want to remove the cover up later, the base PPF style layer will protect the original sticker.

NOTE:  We have either gone to a dealership or surveyed customers by sending them color swatches to create these options.  This is the closest that we can get to the named colors by printing.  Each vehicle is sampled in a few locations in and out of the sun to obtain the best results.  These do have an overlaminate to protect against UV and other elements.

Includes 5 small cover ups for door removal labels, one cover up for vehicle data label, and one for the tire pressure label.


Items you may want to have:

  • Detail Spray (without wax)
  • Microfiber Towel or Paper Towel
  • Dish with soapy water (drop of dish soap + 1-2 cups of water), StickerFab Application Fluid preferred
  • Felt tip squeegee
  • These items can be purchased in a kit we are now offering.

    Make sure you are in 75-85 degree weather.  If it is pretty warm and sunny, make sure the vehicle is in the shade. 

    Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Do not use a spray with any type of wax in it.

    Install Video

    A wet installation is recommended.  Use slightly soapy water on the back of the clear vinyl.  This will allow you to move the vinyl around and find the correct alignment.  Once aligned, use a felt tip squeegee your fingers to push out the water/air.  Complete the install of every clear sticker and then come back and repeat the process with the colored vinyl.

    If you want to take the cover off at a later time, remove the colored portion only and make sure that the clear portion stays to protect the original labels.

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