Fuse Box Cover Overlay - 2021+ Bronco

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2021+ Bronco Fuse Box Cover Overlay

The plain plastics under the hood of the 2021+ Bronco can use some styling and can also be made easier to clean.  We have started off with a 3D carbon version and topo design.

This material is durable and will last for years.  We source the vinyl for these products from US suppliers. They are often made in the US or Europe. Material standards are high.

For the 3D Carbon material, do not apply wax. Just clean with normal soap and water. The appearance can be further enhanced a lot by the use of 303 Aerospace Cleaner.


While StickerFab caters to a large number of people, it is still possible to customize some orders.  Ideas that have broad appeal are the best!  However, if you have some art work, we may be able to do a special print just for you.

  • Military Themed
  • Patriotic
  • Other organizations

Please refrain from submitting trademarked content unless you have the rights to it.  We are located in Fort Myers, FL if you are interested in helping us create custom templates for other vehicles or trim levels.

Use our contact form to get in touch with us.


NOTES:  This installation involves a textured surface.  The following instructions MUST be adhered to.  Make sure the vinyl is flat before installation.

HIGHLY Recommended Items:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Surface cleaner
  • Alcohol wipe

3D carbon fiber version is easier to install than the printed items.  The material bonds better and has air egress channels.  However, you should still do a proper preparation.  For the 3D carbon version, no 3M promoter is included.

Clean the surface of the fuse box cover. Do not use a cleaner that contains wax.  Install in 75-85 degree weather.  If it is really warm, stay in the shade to control the stretching of the vinyl and drying of the fluid.  You can do this install inside as well by removing the lid and letting it and the vinyl come to a warm temperature.

Do not start the application of the vinyl until the surface is once again dry.  A dry install works fine for this vinyl.  Align properly.  Apply and use heat AND pressure to increase adhesion.

Allow the fuse box cover to heat cycle and press the edges down.  Do this a few times over the course of the next few hours.  If you take a drive, check for proper adhesion after the drive and press the edges down to further encourage adhesion.

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