Rear Cargo Door (PPF) - 2021+ Bronco

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Rear Cargo Door (PPF)

There's not much to protect your rear cargo door against dings from stuff in your cargo area including any floor mats that wind up touching your door.  Your paint can flake off pretty quickly.  It's unfortunate, but if you protect it quickly, you might keep that door looking nice for a while!

The 2021+ Bronco Rear Cargo Door Paint Protection Film (PPF) is expertly designed to protect your Bronco and provide piece of mind. Made from a durable paint protection film, it guards against everyday wear and tear, from scratches to light chipping, keeping your Bronco's paint in pristine condition.

Our two month old Braptor has already suffered some dings and paint transfers due to the OEM floor mat.  Don't be like us!  Install this clear paint protection film today!

Please choose StickerFab Application Fluid as an add on if you do not have it already.


Clear Oracal ORAGUARD 270G stone protection offers a transparent solution to paint protection.  It is 6 mil in thickness.

NOTE:  2 sets are sold at a reduced price.  Keep it as a backup or in case your first install proves to be difficult.


Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Just use a wax free detailing spray if your vehicle is not too dirty.  Do not forget to clean the areas around the application area that you might grab while installing the PPF.  Also wash your hands.  You do not want to get dirt stuck to the adhesive side of the PPF.

NOTES:  We recommend that the installation area be free of wax and not under direct sunlight.  

Recommended Items:

  • Microfiber
  • Detailing Spray
  • StickerFab Application Fluid preferred (or soapy water)
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer Optional (minimal amounts of heat to encourage drying)
  • Supplied Felt Tip Squeegee 

You will want to do this in 75-85 degree weather ideally.  Stay in the shade.  

Apply application fluid or soapy water (one or two drops of soap per cup of water) to the target install and nearby surrounding area.  Also apply it to the back of the PPF as it is removed from the backing paper.

With a liberal amount of application fluid on the target area and PPF, you can change the alignment of the PPF by gently pulling up on portions and setting it back down.

Try to get out all bubbles without damaging the PPF.  Take your time and learn how the material reacts to pressure.  Should you push down hard on our felt tip squeegees, they can leave some glue residue.  Any adhesive remover or Goo Gone should be able to remove that.

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